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Montenegro Announced OutLeadership Initiative for the Western Balkans

During the 4th IDAHO International Forum in Copenhagen Montenegro Government Minister Numanović announced the OutLeadership initiative as a platform for the promotion of diversity and LGBT inclusion in the Western Balkans. This initiative is led by the Government of Montenegro, in partnership with OutLeadership New York, US UCLA Faculty of Law - Williams Institute, Egale Canada, and the European Commission on Sexual Orientation Law (ESCOL), as well as a number of other institutions, universities and the world's best-known experts in this field.

The forum commended the Government of Montenegro’s efforts at national and international levels in this field and welcomed the OutLeadership initiatives in support of building a positive and inclusive environment for LGBT people.

Minister Numanović presented the LGBTI Package for the Western Balkans, which has been created in partnership with the USA-based Williams Institute and UCLA Law School, and Egale Canada. The package of programmes will bring best practices to deal with myths and stereotypes about LGBT people, thus encouraging governments to provide equal rights and opportunities for all its citizens, regardless of their personal features, and strengthen the democratic capacity of every society. The aim of the package is to ensure the availability of updated and practical educational programmes to combat all forms of discrimination and violence, as well as the implementation of these restrictions in order to strengthen human rights and equality, and greater visibility of LGBT people.

The fourth IDAHO Forum gathered European ministers and government officials, representatives of the European Commission, Council of Europe, ILGA-Europe and other prominent stakeholders committed to equality of LGBTI persons.

Government of Montenegro
4th IDAHO International Forum

Jovan Kojicic


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