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Following the completion of the work of the Group of Experts, the participants were keen to build further on their research partnership and advance the project of promoting equality and recognition for LGBT persons within Europe

The members of ECSOL come from across Europe, both inside and outside the European Union. Its members have a range of professional backgrounds, including legal academics, practising lawyers, judges and those working in governmental or non-governmental organisations. In principle, one representative from each European country participates in ECSOL, plus one expert for the European Union and the Council of Europe. For some countries, notably those with federal or quasi-federal structures, several experts participate, representing the different legal systems found within that state.

ECSOL’s members have expert knowledge in legal issues pertaining to sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Their expertise includes fields such as criminal law, human rights law, anti-discrimination law, and family law.

The aim of the group is to undertake specific projects and formulate reports, to act as a forum for its members for exchange of information, collaboration, and discussion on important themes, and to conduct research into all aspects relating to sexual orientation law. To this end ECSOL’s members regularly exchange information on important legal developments at the national, European and international levels. The ECSOL network meets at least once per year; for example, meetings are often organised in parallel with major LGBT conferences/events, such as the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference or the Outgames Human Rights Conference.

Since 2010 ECSOL is a member of the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA).