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World Outgames 2009 Human Rights Conference – ECSOL-Workshops a great success | Copenhagen

The 2nd International Conference on LGBT Human Rights has been held 27-29 July 2009 as part of World Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen. ECSOL provided a stream of 6 workshops on various aspects of national and European law. These workshops provoked considerable interest and lively discussions from the audience which highly esteemed the various high level presentations. Prior to the conference, on 26 July 2009, ECSOL held a fruitful and productive internal members working meeting. Below you find some pictures from the workshops. The presentations you can find under documents.

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ECSOL-meeting 2008 | Vienna

The European Commission on Sexual Orientation Law (ECSOL) held its 2008 members meeting 31 Oct to 2 Nov 08 in Vienna. Alongside this meeting, which was organised by Rechtskomitee LAMBDA (RKL), ECSOL provided a workshop on the case-law of the European Court of Justice at ILGA-Europe’s simultaneously held Annual Conference. Dr. Mia Witmann-Tiwald, judge at the Vienna Court of Appeals, gave us the honour and guided ECSOL-members through Vienna’s Palace of Justice and presented not only the building and the courts hosted there but also provided a very interesting journey into Austria’s legal history.

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